What to do

The best plans to fully enjoy your visit to Seville can be foundin this section.

Seville has a varied offer for those visitors who want to make different plans during their stay: Centennial wineries just over an hour away by road or a little more by boat for lovers of the ‘slow movement’, a world reference center for olive oil tourism on the outskirts of the city or with a perfectly conditioned ‘bike lane’ to get around the city in a safe and healthy way.


The reference space
for the development of large events.

Wellness & Fitness
Wellness Fitness

Plans to stay fit
or immerse yourself in circuits
of hot springs

Art and culture

Flamenco is the purest expression
of Andalusian folklore
and is linked to
Seville not only because of La Bienal.
Discover it here.


Seville is enjoyed under the open sky,
Let yourself be guided through its most iconic places.

Cruzcampo Factory

Live the most beer experience
at Cruzcampo Factory

Admiral Casino

An experience to repeat and share

Puerto de Indias

Discover where the incredible was born
history of the world’s first pink gin.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Special edition

Live the most beer experience
at Cruzcampo Factory

Wine tourism
Paired Tastings

Wine tourism is synonymous with culture,
architecture, landscapes and gastronomy,
but above all it is synonymous with company.

Sustainable Tourism

Let yourself be surprised by a magical natural environment in the heart of the Guadalquivir, in the most sustainable way and surrounded by the best experts.

Eat Local
Proximity products

The global phenomenon “eat local” consists of consuming local foods that are grown or produced close to where they are going to be consumed.